Common interview questions

• Why would you like to join our company?

This question is mainly used to assess how motivated you are and how suitable you are for the position depending on what caught your attention in the job offer.

The interviewer may also try to see how interested you are in the company based on your research on the company website, careers pages, social media, the press or any other relevant source. Find out as much as possible about the company and don’t forget to ask questions to show how motivated you are and to contribute to the conversation. After all, an interview is a two-way conversation!

• What do you know about e-commerce?

The interviewer wants to assess how interested you are in the e-commerce sector and how much you know about the market: who are the main players, how is it changing or even about the different business models.

• Can you tell us about some of the skills you developed in your previous position, that are relevant to the position you have applied for?

You are being questioned on your knowledge of your profession, your expertise and your compatibility with the position on offer as well as with the current team. Make most of this opportunity to highlight your key skills by placing them in the context where you developed them.

Try to link these skills to the different requirements in the position on offer. This will also help to show to what extent you understand the position, your ability to analyse and how well you can summarise your experience. Of course, don’t forget to give examples and use figures to show what results you have achieved in the past.

• Tell us about your favourite professional memory

Here you can highlight a project that you really enjoyed doing or an achievement that you are particularly proud of. The interviewer uses this question to see if you match the company’s culture and better understand what makes you thrive in a professional context.

You could say that successful recruitment is not just when a company finds the perfect candidate, but also when the candidate finds the perfect company for them. Transparency is key here: really explain what motivates you and say what is important for you.

• According to you, what are some of the difficulties you may encounter in the position on offer?

The interviewer is looking to understand to what extent you are able to launch yourself into a position, identify what you consider to be challenges or points to improve on and understand anything you may be worried about when faced with the prospect of a new professional challenge. In this situation prove that you are sincere. The prefect candidate does not exist and everyone has something to improve upon.

Show that you are able to evaluate yourself without putting yourself down. Consider talking about a delicate situation that you were able to overcome.

• What do you think makes a good manager?

Here the interviewer is looking to see what your expectations are concerning your manager. It is important that your personality and method of working is compatible with your potential future manager, as well as with the team that you could be joining. Once again remember that both parties have the same aim: successful recruitment! It is important that your expectations match those of the company, so express your opinion…with the right words of course!

Good luck with the recruitment process!