2014 is getting close faster than you think! It is time to think about some new year’s resolutions to start the year in the right way. Speaking of this, the state of your desk is often a tell-tale of your personality.

But above all, you spend a large part of your working day at your desk, so you might as well make it a comfortable space. Personalising your working space will help it feel more like ‘you’ should that be more ‘geek’, ‘organised’, ‘badly-organised’ or ‘sentimental’…


My working space

… here a just a few resolutions:

• Tidy your desk every week – Use a couple of minutes on Friday evening to tidy your desk so that it feels more welcoming on Monday morning. Those that are unorganised can always set a reminder in their diary!

• Optimise your working space – Take a step back and think about your day-to-day needs. Tidy away everything that seems unnecessary and keep items that you use daily close by: files, pens, important documents etc. The ergonomics of your working space are important for your health. Remember that your eyes should be at least 40cm from the computer screen and your keyboard should be around 10 cm from the edge of the desk.

• Sort and file your ring binders – You don’t need a mountain of files to hide from your colleagues or your manager! Dedicate a space that you hardly or never use for files/ring binders.

• Think technology! Use technology over paper formats – it is more practical and takes up a lot less space.