Videoconferencing interviews (using webcam, Skype etc) are often used in the first stages of recruitment and are becoming more and more popular with recruiters.

This method allows recruiters to shortlist candidates and speed-up the recruitment process when the candidate is unable to attend a face-to-face interview. This may be the case for international recruitment, inflexible working hours or for high-demand profiles.

Several rules need to be followed for this technique to be successful.

Give precise yet simple answers as these discussions can be much shorter than a classic interview (on average 20 to 40 minutes compared to 1 hour).
At this stage the recruiter is simply trying to see if you correspond with the position they are trying to fill. Don’t get frustrated if you are not able to describe your experience in great detail, you will have chance to do so during a face-to-face interview.

Bonhomme Twenga

The advantages of video conferencing interviews

  • Use your CV, cover letter and notes (information about the company, the job offer, your questions etc) to help you with your answers.
  • Make the most of the Internet to present your work (articles, blogs, presentations etc). You can also use statistics to support your pitch.


Our tips!


Pay attention to your appearance and adopt a professional manner, just as you would for a face-to-face interview.



Choose a neutral background and make sure that no one will disturb you during the interview. You should also make sure that you disconnect from other software and messaging services that could send you noisy notifications.



Test your material (microphone, camera, Internet connection) and learn how to use the software before the interview. Sit in front of your computer and have the interviewer’s contact details handy, just in case there is a problem.



Do not accept an interview for a time when making eye contact with the interviewer is not possible. It is not easy, but make sure that you look at the camera and give the impression that you are looking at them in the eyes.

You should also use this time to show your enthusiasm and how motivated you are to fill the position.



And of course, don’t forget to smile!

Bonhomme Twenga