Your first day in the company

Our top tips to have a great first day at Twenga !

1) The first days are the most exhausting, but also the most interesting ! You will be meeting new colleagues and taking in a lot of new information so our only advice would be to sleep well and relax before your first day.

2) It is normal to be a bit nervous! Make sure that you don’t add a bit of extra stress by mis-judging how long it will take you to get to your new work place. Find out how long it will take beforehand, and even better if you can test the journey at least once before your first day.

3) Keep up-to-date on the company and the industry. This will enable you to better integrate your future environment. There is no need to become an expert but it is nice to be able to discuss any recent business developments and the industry with your colleagues. You will also be able to better understand any conversations that are going on in the company.

4) You probably saw what your future colleagues as well as your manager were wearing during the interview process, so you know how to dress for your first day. If you do have any doubts, ask HR or your manager because it is better to ask rather than feeling uncomfortable on the first day. Putting on your favourite suit or outfit will probably give you a bit more confidence!

5) First impressions count and will be remembered in the first few days/weeks. Having an allure of confidence will help you to get to know your colleagues. To do so, try and start conversations during breaks by asking them questions on what they do in the company or simply by saying how happy you are to have joined the company. Bring your lucky charm if it helps!

6) It is important to understand company culture on the first day. This could be anything from how you address people to the working hours. Your manager may give you a tour of the company and introduce you to the different teams. Make most of this opportunity to get to know your way around and find out who are the key players. Don’t forget to smile, even if you’re a nervous wreck!

7) Take notes because there is no way that you can remember everything. These notes will be useful to better understand your position and the company. Take time to write down the names of all of the people that you meet and find out more about their role in the company. We advise you to also read any notes you took during interview so that you fulfil any expectations that were underlined.

8) Your first meeting with your manager is crucial. They will introduce you to the company, the different departments, the strategy in place and what is expected from your role. You should clearly understand your targets to get stuck in the company. Take time to understand all of your targets with your manager and to establish a deadline, how you are going to achieve them and any processes that you need to follow.

9) Don’t bring your lunch on the first day. Your manager or team members will probably suggest that you have lunch together to get to know you better.

10) Communicate! Make sure to ask questions on clients, internal procedures and even products/services. There is no such thing as a silly question, so don’t hesitate to ask your manager. You should also have a look in communal areas such as the cafeteria or where the vending machines are to meet your other colleagues.